This webpage is designed so you can individually or collectively help us raise funds to benefit Denton Calvary Academy. Once you create your own personal page, be sure to register to run.

The Calvary Challenge - Run the Race is entering its 8th year as a community event. Our goal is to raise funds to benefit our students and to plan for the future. As a nonprofit school, we do not receive state funds, so we rely solely on fundraising to make capital improvements and expansions.
We anticipate the 2019 Calvary Challenge to be a grand family event and we hope you will join Denton Calvary Academy (DCA) to nurture our students with a heart to improve the lives of others through a life-long love of learning, discovery and service.  Currently, our students have donated over 4500 hours of community service in and around the Denton area.

Our event will be held at South Lakes Park, 556 Hobson Lane, in Denton on Friday, April 5, 2019. On site registration begins at 5:00 PM and the fun begins at 7:00PM. Register Here.